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Amai's TWIN !!!



b..but what is this this isn't supposed to happen D:

but well yeah it happen ._.

her twin was her old VB LOLOLOL /SHOOT
yeaah..which its very bad and not suits to any character that i..or everyone made..
and that voice is...MY REAL VOICE ~!! *daaa daa daaammm*
i made it..i dunno....september or october last year so its pretty damn old.
and the unlucky one who got my damn old voice is "TSUMETAI AMANE" *dam dam daammm*
"Amane" is supposed to be mean "Heavenly Voice" or something like that but that didn't count for amane-chan i guess ._.
and 1 note : I DIDN'T EVEN LAY A FINGER ON EDITING THOSE DAMN yeah its my real voice with NO wonder it sounds horrible ._.

Amai-chan voice is her voice...but in high pitch. but i think amaichan voice sounds pretty good...

okay go back to Amane

fact of Amai and Amane ! :
Amane is Amai's twin sister that suddenly pop out from nowhere...
Amane is created because the author think " it was a waste of voicebank...IMMA GO CREATE A NEW UTAU" and then she appeared
Amane's love dark chocolate
Amai love white chocolate
Because Amane's appeared...Amai's clothes change too (lol just wait and see their new outfit)
Amane's outfit is mostly created by my friend,and im only added or changed few things
Before Amane's true appearance and name appear, Amane and Amai is same person
Amane has sing Plus Minus,I'll Quit Singing,Mosaic Role,Melt, and Toeto (from newest to oldest)
Amai's voice is based by Amane's voice
Amai's and Amane's outfit is not really an Utau outfit ._.
I ever seen their outfit somewhere but i can't remember...seriously..
I love Amane but not her voice
I love both,Amai and her voice
My OC whom i love the most is Amai,from back then until now
I don't even planned for new utau
Later Amane has 2 VB. My old VB for Amai and the new one i created. But im mostly gonna use the old one
Me and my friend spent more than 3 hours to get Amane's voice match with her appearance and find the design for Amai and Amane
Everything that written above is all true and no lie

well idk what facts again that i must write ._.
so..okay see you until Amane is officialy released C:

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